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♻️ The TUPP-AWARE challenge ♻️

1. Use your Tupperware when buying anything where you would normally have used a plastic bag or plastic tray etc in a supermarket or shop.

2. Take a selfie with your Tupperware and where you are using it, and who you are with like shop assistants, staff etc (once they give you permission to do so)

3. Send us your photos!

Spreading awareness using social media is key to getting the message across that we've had enough of plastic once and for all 😡
Using plastic to fight plastic . . 
#nomoreplastic #savetheplanet #ecobrick #nosingleuseplastic#thegreenteam #canyourecycleit #tupperware #makeachange

Check out the 12th day video of the 'Tethered to Plastic' challenge below

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