It all started from a post about Eco Bricking ....
Then recycling and eco bricking forced my eyes to see the truth about waste.... reducing waste should be everyone’s main focus..that and reducing our carbon footprint....

Paul Barnes 
( / The Green Team)

ECO LIST-Changes I have made since my eyes were opened in November 2018.

- Reusable Nappies
- Not buying crisps
- Not buying any chocolate in plastic
- Switched to ‘Good Energy’ from Eon
- Travelling to work via public transport as much as possible instead of taking the car
- Buying meat local and in Tupperware 
- Buying loose bread (not in plastic bags) mainly loose from Greenhalgh’s bakery
- Buying naked cheese from cheese counters in supermarkets and reusing a sandwich bag and Tupperware 
- Buying local and supermarket loose apples, bananas
- Planted flower seeds with a view to adding to our garden which we are growing wild for the bees and other wildlife
- Shopping at local zero waste shops
- Set up a website
- Set up a Facebook group
- Undertook a month long plastic awareness challenge collecting all my non Recyclable waste and taking it everywhere with me
- Set up a Facebook page called Tupperware-Aware dedicated to raising awareness about the need to use Tupperware to reduce waste
- Switched to bamboo toothbrushes 
- Instigated the introduction to recycling at my place of work
- Reducing my meat consumption by using various vegetarian options 
- Switch to doorstep milk deliveries meaning we haven’t bought plastic milk cartons since
- Attended a recycling open day at the local facility
- Started using reusable baby wipes/cloths
- Installed a bag & stretch plastic bin at work that I regularly empty at the local Sainsbury’s supermarket
- Regular updates and posts across social media,including contacting companies to find out information that will then be shared with the public about their products etc
- But my Friday chippy meal in my own Tupperware container saving using polystyrene containers, also request my chips from takeaways to be just in a paper bag so as not to use polystyrene 
- Shampoo bars instead of plastic bottles
- Sourcing toothpaste tablets and wooden incidentals
- Stoped buying any plastic where possible including: bags, straws, utensils, all plastic bottles, butter tubs (now buy butter foil wrapped), ketchup in glass bottles, mayo in glass and so on..
- Switched to 100% recycled toilet paper
- Stopped using bags in online Sainsbury’s shops
- Bought reusable flask/water bottle and coffee cup
- Started eco bricking
- Increased Shopping at local greengrocers 
- Invested in ethically produced T-shirt’s and caps with green messages to spread awareness 
- Stopped buying beer/cans that have plastic ring binders
- Request any online purchases to arrive in non plastic packaging
- Purchased eco kitchen set and stopped using plastic scourers and sponges-all rewashable now