♻️ DAY 11 (11th of December 18’)

** Today’s episode is a sad one with a very important message- I’ll try to lighten the mood for tomorrow’s video! **

☝️Happy Tuesday Welcome to Day 11 of my ‘Tethered to Plastic’ challenge, where every day in December I will be filling my bag with plastic (or unknown materials) items I would have thrown in the recycling or landfill bin. I want to see how much waste 1 household consumes over the course of a month (myself, partner and our 2 kids 3yr old & 9wk old)

I will be making basic green choices like avoiding plastic drinks bottles and single use plastic items. (No glass,aluminium or cardboard is included as they ARE what I consider recyclable - closed loop, even though cardboard is downcycled it’s biodegradable). I will be taking the bag EVERYWHERE with me to raise awareness. . . Work, gigs, Xmas doo etc...

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