The Climate Crisis written by Paul Barnes.

A father of two who wants to share his experiences with you. 


The Talk - Heading for Extinction (and what to do about it) by Extinction Rebellion.


This talk can last up to 1.5hrs and presents scientific facts taken from the IPCC report 2018 (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change). This covers how the Climate has always been changing, fluctuating throughout the ages. It showcases official graphs and data that show how ‘The Holocene period’, a relatively stable period that has enabled human life on Earth is now threatened to end. The graph shows that since the industrial revolution man made climate effects have made an impact proving that we are affecting our world and all life on Earth. At the end of the graph there is a steep spike showing global temperatures rise.


We are the cause of CO2 levels increasing sharply over the last 30 years. The CO2 and other gases such as methane are being released into the atmosphere causing the warming effect. This warming is ‘right now’ causing chain reactions and tipping points that are out of human control.


Tipping points & feedback loops


Melting of ice caps’, less white ice reflecting the heat, climate warms and melts more ice and so on...resulting in a climate feedback loop.

Forest fires’ burning of trees releases CO2 which warms the climate, the warmer climate can excel or single-handedly cause forest fires... and so on.... there are others but I won’t go into them all now.


99% of all scientists agree that if we as a species do nothing we will cause the extinction of millions of species including our own... and this has already begun.


How things will play out


Sea level rises, droughts & storms are just a few examples of catastrophic results that in turn will cause mass crop failure, starvation and mobilisation & displacement of millions to the point where social collapse becomes a reality as we enter a dystopian time where war and fighting will ensue. We will all fight to survive and will kill to feed our families. Fighting to the death over a tin of beans may become commonplace. All this without even mentioning illness and the fact there will be no more medical supplies. All Food the UK rely upon from other countries will stop as those countries will keep it for themselves cause what use is money when you’re running out of food.


What we need to do RIGHT NOW


- Stop all fossil fuel use and production immediately

- Stop all airport expansions 

- Stop projects like HS2

- Stop biodiversity loss & destruction (Ecocide)

- Stop all planned coal or gas mines and fracking

- Adopt plant based diets & eat less meat & dairy

- Divest from all companies that subsidies fossil fuel companies

- All governments/local councils must set up ‘Citizens Assemblies


Science says we have until 2030 to completely stop the use of fossil fuels and become net zero. This will give us a 50/50 chance of survival, those odds are not great odds! On top of this the science is always a conservative estimate, but what has been proven time and time again is that all scientists are shocked at how fast the effects are progressing... always much faster and more devastating than predicted. 


This is why we must act much sooner. Extinction Rebellion is calling on all governments globally and everyone in power to hit net zero by 2025 giving us a slightly better chance than 50/50. The effort and change will be huge, it will require all we have as a species to take on something this big but if we do not and we fail, we die.


The government's targets are to become net zero by 2050. By then it will be far far too late to save ourselves. This really is life or death. The seriousness of this situation is huge and the task ahead is enormous.


I know that I have just under 5 years to save my children’s lives. I have so little time to spread the word that governments and the media are ignoring or denying. All the companies and governments with monetary gains at stake by admitting they must stop all fossil fuel activity are doing all they can to deny there is a problem. They are spreading propaganda and lies to hamper the global rescue mission we all desperately need. Greed and ignorance will be our downfall if we let them fool us.


All petitions and marches and campaigns are failing, as the powers that be are not acting with the urgency needed, most governments have announced there is a global climate emergency but none have taken the steps to make the huge changes needed to save our lives, our children’s lives and our grandchildren’s lives... I don’t believe I will ever have grandchildren and fear my children won’t make it to my age.

I am so scared and cannot believe the situation we are in. 

Joining Extinction Rebellion gives me hope and a way to act to bring about change. I hope that we aren’t too late.

- Join Extinction Rebelion -